The School Team


           The successful operation of our school is the result of the hard work of the members of a teaching staff - 48 and a non-teaching staff - 13.

           The school team with its daily work contributes to make the school an attractive territory for students.


            The basic values and principles of the team are:

1) The childs interests are at the center of the educational process.

 2) Childhood is a very important period of a human life.

 3) Every child is incredible and unique.

 4) Every child has the right to freely express thoughts and personal opinion.

 5) The family is the natural environment for the childs development.


Headmaster:  Jenia Jelezova

Headmasters Assistant of Education: Raynichka Dyulgerova

Headmasters Assistant for administrative business: Silvia Peneva

Pedagogical Adviser: Donka Ruseva