Our school has taken part in many projects of international programmes.

  • 1993-National Network "Health Promoting Schools"- The school worked on a health promotion with the students from the 1st to the 7th grade  


    1996 -"Eco-School" worked on building students environmental awareness and culture;

    2000-2003 "Education for Sustainable Development" it shared good practices of teachers' work, then they were published in the book;

     2001, 2002 and 2003- Agreement for cooperation and participation of the Children's Dance Group at the Wine Festival in the town of Bulay, Province Rayland-Palatinate, Germany;

    2003 - The Programme "Citizens" with the participation of the students from grade 7th and  the  Center  "Open Education";

    2005 and 2006 the Project "Prevention of sexual violence and human trafficking", funded by the OAKFIND-Switzerland;

     2005 - the  Project "Partnership towns -Bridges for Peace" - presented by the Municipality of Bulay - Germany, funded by the European Union - meetings, discussions, concerts and visiting  the European Parliament in Brussels.




    2006-The project "All Different, All Equal" implemented by the European club at school, funded by the Information Centre of the European Union - Sofia.


    2006 -Business training project for pupils from the preparatory group and the elementary school level connected to programmes of Junior Achievement - Bulgaria.

   From 2007-2008 the students from 4th grade under the direction of Mrs. Milena Gyurova and Mrs. Julia Georgieva worked on projects in eTwinning.  Our new partners were children from Spain, Greece, Romania, Portugal. For our good work we received further recognition- we were honored with two signs of eTwinning.

 The new projects we are working on are "Hobbies and interests of children" and "Similarities and differences in the cultures." And we are about a project "European e-zine" related eTwinning again.

   In 2009/2010 we worked on a project "The School in my hometown of Burgas is favourite and unforgettable" It was coordinated by Mrs Nanka Levterova with involving the students from 5th and 6th grades. The project was dedicated to topics The symbols of "St. Kliment Ohridski" School and "St. Kliment Ohridski "School over the years.

   In 2009/2011 the school worked on "Comenius European Commission International project "Healthy mind - healthy body" coordinated by Mrs. Julia Georgieva. The partner schools were from Greece, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Spain, Hungary and the UK. The project duration was two years - from August 1st to July 31st 2011.  2009-2010 were devoted to the need of healthy eating and physical activities and how to form healthy habits and improve existing ones. Furthermore, we worked for acceptance and understanding of cultural, language and religion partners differences and how these differences united us in a working team. The motto was "All different - all equal". That year we made annual calendar, some book collections named "Europe plays", "Europe cooks" and "Posters", some movies with mobile games. "The Week of Health" and many other events were also held connected to that project.

   In 2010-2011the activities were related to the prevention of addiction to harmful substances and prevention of accidents,  a first aid and response to disasters and emergencies. There was a school evacuation and we made a film on it. The General Directorate of "Fire Safety and Rescue was attended by students, then they had some training sessions for the first aid and made an annual calendar. Students produced also many posters and organised some exhibitions.

    2011- A project related to Municipal Programme for extracurricular activities of the schools in the Municipality of Burgas. It was for the costumes of The Childrens Dance Ensemble "Stars".


    2011- A project related to the programme of the Municipality of Burgas "Public private partnerships for the implementation of small projects" for reconstruction and aesthetic of the courtyard of the school.


    2011-2012 A project Success with the motto "Making school more attractive to young people," implemented under the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development"


The project objectives are:

 - to increase students' motivation to participate in the educational and training process according to their interests and needs;

- to develop students  additional knowledge, their skills and competencies;

- to make sense of the students free time focusing  on their preferred personal expression;

- to limit the number of students with acts of aggression.



     2012-2013 the project "Let's meet where our cultures meet" a sub-programme "Comenius", programme "Lifelong Learning" with Bulgarian coordinator Mrs. Julia Georgieva. The duration of the programme is 2 years. The coordinator of the project is Croatia and the partners are schools from Turkey, Greece, Spain, Poland, Italy, England, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The project objectives are aimed at improving  the quality of the systematic education, the competence in English and in Information Technology, enriching extracurricular activities, establishing and developing a positive attitude towards the cultural heritage connected to music, dance, cuisine and lifestyle of the partners countries.


e-mail: kliment_ohridski_bs@abv.bg