There has been established a Students Council at school. It includes students from 3-d and 8-th grades where they get-together to discuss and organize their school life. The Students Council has organized    Days of the Students Self-government at School for three years. This is the day when teachers and students reverse their places at school.

It has been organized A School for parents. This is a sign of the partnership between the school and parents. Thus the parents are adhered to the aims and purposes connected with the education, upbringing and developing of our children.

Our school has a very rich history and a lot of traditions. The School Board of Trustees is one of them. It rules school incomes from about 12 acres land, which we own as donations from our contributors and lets it rent. This helps to keep up and revive schools material and technical foundation.

A children folk dance group Zvezdichki was created in 1969. It consists of 70 children divided into 2 age-groups. In such way they have preserved Bulgarian traditions, customs and have popularized our folklore.

Zvezdichki has given a great deal of concerts. It has taken part in annual school, municipal and regional activities. The group had a lot of participations in the festivals in Bourgas, Bitolya- Macedonia, Antalia-Turkey, Nicosia-North Cyprus. Bullay - Germany.    

`There exist many confirmed school traditions in the fields of Ecology and Fine Arts. Every year we organize a school in the nature and carry out plain-airs where students re-create the beauty of the native landscape in their drawings. Some students pictures were rewarded in an exhibition at the Childrens Art Museum in Stockholm-Sweden. Besides we periodically organize campaigns Clean the nature. In this way students are encouraged to build valuable qualities through which they realize and estimate necessity of concerning in environment.

Our students had a numerous of appearances in fields of Sports, Mathematics, Recitation and Poetry, Inform Technologies during 2006. They ranked first in the boxing championship and hold high positions in the Maths competitions on regional and national levels. There are a lot of activities of our young poet-reciters who have won prizes on the national level. We have good achievements in computer regional competitions and successful participations in INFO-EXPO.